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We chose to work remotely: you can't see us but we're always there for you!


We are all different but these values unite us and make us a winning team

Freelance professional

We respect the importance of time, the most democratic resource out there. Therefore, we measure results and commitment, not the hours of work. Each 7HYPER is autonomous in organizing their day and no one has the right to control them.

Only ecstatic clients

Everything we do aims to make our customers happy,to meet and exceed their expectations and to achieve their goals.

Every choice we make and every action we take is to meet this aspect of collaboration, which is a must for us.

We teach what we do

The teaching process, if done in the right way, helps to consolidate acquired skills. It also puts us through a more effective learning process and allows us to share our knowledge with other people.

First, actions that get results

We always start with the quick and simple things that bring a result in the short term.

In other words, we focus from the start on the 20% of the word that brings 80% of the result before moving on to the more complex tasks.


We continuously strive to ensure that our system rewards people who truly deserve it and who have built, worked and achieved results through their own efforts. Those who prove their worth at 7HYPE have the opportunity to create endless opportunities for themselves.


Remote working suits our organizational structure and values

The working was chosen from the very beginning (well before Covid) because it is the working method that best suits our organizational structure and values.

Our Marketing Automation, Conversational Marketing and Engagement Marketing & Loyalty projects follow a very precise method that we have called Timing Belt, that involves cyclical phases with different workloadsfor this reason we are able to define from the beginning and with precision the required activities.

How can this work system be effective?

Only thanks to a group of talented people who work with freedom, flexibility, availability and responsibility. Because every decision made and every task completed impacts on other team members and the entire workflow.


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