Timing Belt,

Marketing Automation: Method Timing Belt

To realize your project with:

certain costs,

certain times,

certain results.

marketing automation: cos'è il metodo timing belt?

A structured working method to give guarantees to our customers

The Timing Belt method is our way to go into Marketing Automation and it consists in developing projects starting with a correct definition of the confini della strategia e dell'implementazione, and then clearly describing:

  • the objectives to be achieved in a specific time frame and in relation to the budget;
  • the professional figures involved, roles of the collaborators, relationships between them and with the customer;
  • the tasks, who carries them out and schedules to be respected.

We avoid problems and delays and guide the entire development of the project thanks to this preliminary work, managing to get you the first results in a short time.

And we guarantee these results within the first 6 months.

Marketing Automation

Advantages of marketing automation with Timing Belt

Conosci qualcun altro in grado di darti tutto questo all'interno dello stesso progetto?

Certain results, costs and times

Timing Belt cycles are always six-monthly projects and their costs are defined before starting.

Focus on key activities

A dedicated project team follows all the strategic activities and implements the operational ones necessary to reach your purposes.

Automation of recurring tasks

We automate everything that can be fed to technology to save time and resources.

Mapping and sharing

Everyone, including you, knows what point we are in development and what we are going to do.

Timing Belt Benefits

What's the point?

Following a method for Marketing Automation is better!

Thanks to the proprietary Timing Belt method we are able to map everything (technologies, activities and processes) and to define the best development path for your Marketing Automation project.

We know that you want to see results in a short time and we work hard to keep our promises!

Marketing Automation and Timing Belt Method: how does it work?

The Timing Belt method involves cycles lasting 6 months and each cycle is formed by four phases defined as follows:

Timing Belt - Fase 1

Fase 1 - ON BOARD

During the on board (or development) phase we work to build the ground floor of the program.

It starts with audit di marketing, esterna e interna, and then continues with the definition of the most suitable Marketing Automation strategy to achieve your goals.

E focalizziamo l'attenzione sulle attività che ti consentono di avere un ritorno immediato sull'investimento.

Timing Belt - Fase 2

Fase 2 - START-UP

During the start up phase, the team built around your project works to develop and implement what was decided in the on board phase.

On the one hand, we deal with the technical aspects of the project, come l'integrazione di tutti i touchpoint digitali e fisici e la programmazione delle automazioni.

Dall'altro, si procede con la creation of contents and their implementation.

Timing Belt - Fase 3

Fase 3 - TEST

During this test phase you go online! Tutto diventa effettivo e operativo e ti aggiorniamo mensilmente sull'andamento del progetto e della strategia implementata.

A part of the team stays on your project to monitor il ritorno sull'investimento, i KPI specifici, gli OKR e tutti i segnali che ci indicano gli effetti della strategia pianificata.

If the actual results are lower than the expected results, we act to adjust the course with the appropriate revisions.

Timing Belt - Fase 4


Even if you don't want to proceed with a new cycle of Timing Belt, our technical support and our supervision remains at your service to guarantee the results even in the following months.

If, you have agreed on another Timing Belt cycle with a new strategy, we will start again from the on-board phase (phase 1) to plan the new processes and new activities in relation to your new objectives.

Timing Belt products and services

Marketing Automation with Timing Belt includes 4 major areas: strategic, technical, editorial, training.

Strategic consulting

Partiamo dall'essenza della tua azienda e la studiamo in ogni suo aspetto per individuare la miglior strategia di Marketing Automation da applicare al tuo progetto.

In particular:

  • we find out your business and your sales funnel;
  • we study products and services of your business;
  • we analyze the sector, your ranking and competitors;
  • we identify the buyer personas;
  • we carry out a GDPR check-up.

Technical consulting

There are different Marketing Automation software on the market. For this reason, if you don't already have one, we support you to choose the one that best suits your needs.


  • we integrate your management software with the Marketing Automation one;
  • we implement the automation rules;
  • we set up tracking and monitoring of activities;
  • we draft all the technical tools to implement the contents decided in the strategy.

Editorial department

We create the contents necessary to achieve the targets of your Marketing Automation project.

For your strategy we'll provide you with:

  • the right and personalized content (text, video, etc. based on what you have agreed with us);
  • the content suitable for every single digital instrument;
  • the content in the language you require;

e ci occupiamo dell'implementazione tecnica e della sua ottimizzazione.


If required, you can ask for learnin on what will be carried out during the start-up phase; it aims to:

  • teach you how to use the Marketing Automation software and to carry out routine activities independently;
  • understand the strategy and activities we have implemented.


Let's recap together!

We use the Timing Belt method to menage your Marketing Automation project, by which we are able to guarantee you certain costs, certain times and certain results.

We achieve your goals through:

  • the strategic consulting and a customized and defining plan about your company;
  • a six-monthly cycle for each goal;
  • the consulenza e l'implementazione tecnica;
  • the creation of customized and multilingual (if required) content;
  • the right training , to make you able to use this Hub on your own.

(Want to read the accurate description of the process? Click here!)

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