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To rank your business as a reference in your sector, to have a personal conversation with all partners, to interact one-to-one with end-users and generate value throughout all the line.

marketing automation hub: cos'è e come funziona

It is a one-of-a-kind publishing and services hub managed and guided by Artificial Intelligence

It is a specific web portal created to give a voice to vendors, buyers, distributors and end-users who are part of the same supply chain, even with different roles.

The purpose of this digital platform is to make one of the greatest potentialities of Sales Transformation a reality , that is, the Sales Transformation, cioè l'unione tra Marketing e Sales.

But how it is possible?

Parlando con l'utente finale, coinvolgendo tutti i players e portando valore ad ognuno di essi attraverso la creation of leads on target, profiled and ready to buy.

Marketing Automation


Grazie all'Intelligenza Artificiale (I.A.) alla base del portale e alla Marketing Automation puoi

Anticipate marketing and business policies

by collecting a large number of user-data and, if necessary, modifying your commercial offer to best meet market demand.

Improve the direct ROI and the one of your partners, create value

attracting qualified and targeted users, also from international market, with whom you can build a personalized relationship in an automated and constant way.

Obtain a detailed and customized Commercial business Identikit

to support both the Marketing function and the Sales function.

Have a performance dashboard

which is constantly updated in real time and with a predictive attitude.

Hub Benefits

What's the point?

I tempi cambiano e, con essi, le esigenze...

... di utenti e consumatori e di tutte le aziende coinvolte nella filiera di uno specifico settore.

Marketing Automation Hub gives you the opportunity to create an inclusive ecosystem (or becoming part of an existing one) in which valuable content, are disclosed for all interested parties in order to:

  • support the role of everyone (manufacturer, distributor, reseller and end user);
  • semplificare il processo di vendita e di acquisto, sia per tutti gli attori della filiera sia per l'utente finale;
  • know in detail your target market to satisfy players' needs.


All the companies that enter our editorial hubs have access to:

An Editorial Team

which, according to the principles of Conversational Marketing, creates custom content giving the floor to end-users as well.

Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

which, constantly aligned, deals automatically with combining supply and demand, and eliminates the distance between Marketing and Sales.

Profiled and engaged database

as a valuable asset not only for Marketing Automation activities but also to get a snapshot of the market.

Data and performance dashboard

dinamica e aggiornata in tempo reale per misurare costantemente il valore generato e il ritorno sull'investimento.

Additional services

in addition to the content, we can support your company with Training, Assessment, Survey, Chatbot and more.



Here are some of our editorial hubs already started,

just to give you the opportunity to “see first hand” what has been said so far:


Il web magazine specializzato nell'Internet of Things

This is the Marketing Automation Hub which deals with Industry 4.0 and provides support to those who want to discover and understand the way new technologies impact on business.

Powered by: Tech Data

Supported by: Apple, Cloudera, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell

With the collaboration of: ACS Data Systems SpA, Axians Spa,

BitBang Srl, Gruppo Infor – INFOR2000 SRL & ISIGEST SRL, IT Euromedia S.r.l., Alleantia Srl, Lutech Group, Vem Group, beanTech Srl, Sapra Group, GFM Integration Srl, ATS Global, Colin & Partners, Arkadia GMA Srl, Oktium

L'Hub specializzato in Open Source

This is the Marketing Automation Hub created to help companies to best deal with Digital Transformation and all technological changes of the present and future.

Powered by: Tech Data

Supported by: Intel, Red Hat, HPE

With the collaboration of: plurimedia, Delphis, Sorint, Par Tec, Questit Exprivia, BlueIt


Let's recap together!

Becoming part of Marketing Automation Hub related to your business area includes:

  • the realization of a publishing website and other services;
  • the hiring of partners in your specific row;
  • the Artificial Intelligence algorithm to support Marketing and Sales department;
  • the construction of a one-to-one communication plan to qualify end-users and hire partners;
  • the construction of a profiled database;
  • a real-time reporting and construction of users' Commercial Identikits that are automatically sent to the sales force of the Brand and / or the specific row;
  • the drawing up of Commercial Identikit to increase the conversion rate of qualified users.

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