Giglio Group


For the development of Omnichannel Marketing and Sales Transformation

Giglio Group is an Italian company leader in Sales Transformation processes and chosen by important international brands in the Fashion, Design, Food, Electronics, Finance and other sectors.

The Group targets all markets in the European, United States, Russian and Asian-Pacific regions.

In particular, it owns two logistic infrastructures in China (one in Hong Kong and one in Shenzhen) and has obtained the ICP License from the Chinese government to work in the Chinese web market.

to work in the Chinese web market. There are four Business Units operating in the web sector, with different services and objectives: 7HYPE, Terashop, eDistribution e Salotto di Brera.

Giglio Group


Communicating online has many facets and can be really complex. But we are structured to meet all your needs!


Dedicated to strategic marketing in today’s digitalized world, understanding digital user behavior. that relies on digital user behavior.

7HYPE uses Marketing Automation, il Conversational Marketing , Engagement & Loyalty per strutturare un flusso di vendita costante e crescente nel tempo.

Focus: revenue growth, sales automation, customer loyalty, user experience, client innovation.


Dedicated toe-commerce outsourcing and direct online sales with an innovative and omnichannel approach.

Terashop deals with designing, implementing and managing customized e-commerce platforms for third parties and supports the entire purchasing process.

Focus: to increase sales through the e-shop in an omnichannel perspective that includes the integration of offline and online channels.

Giglio edistribution

Dedicated to the distribution of products through digital marketplaces (both B2B and B2C).

eDistribution focuses on managing the entire sales process to intermediaries as well as logistics and distribution.

Focus: enter new markets and increase turnover.

Salotto di Brera

Dedicated to the distribution of luxury products in high-end duty-free stores located in airports, cruise ships, embassies and port terminals.

Salotto di Brera deals with training, marketing and sales analysis and supports brands in all sales and related activities.

Focus: increase sales of luxury products.


Today Giglio Group has 6 offices located in strategic points of the planet.

Thanks to this choice, Giglio Group operates and affirms its presence on three continents, not only for the digital aspect, but also for the distribution and logistics.

Giglio Headquarters


Piazza Diaz, 6 | 20123

Phone: +39 02 89094252

Fax: +39 02 83974207



Via dei Volsci, 163 | 00185

Phone: +39 06 98383561

Fax: +39 06 98383562



Piazza della meridiana, 1 | 16124


New York

5One Wall Street, 6th Floor


Representative Office

111 West 19th Street (6th Floor)

10011 New York, NY USA



Shanghai International Finance Center

Century Avenue 8

Room 874, Level 8 , Tower II

Shanghai, 200120


Hong Kong

Room 1501 (659) 15/F SPA Centre

53-55 Locklart Road

Wanchai – Hong Kong

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