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If you can listen and understand people, you've hit the jackpot!

cos'è il marketing conversazionale?

It is a digital communication technique used to establish an empathetic relationship with people online

Are you noticing changes within your industry?Do you feel like your customers expect more from you but you don't know what that is?

Everyone wants to be heard and understood,to dialogue and share as well as receive the answers that they are looking for.

In other words, those interested in your company are looking for a direct relationship with your brand and they want you to recognize them.After all, doesn't everyone love to feel important?


With Conversational Marketing we draft a communication strategy that goes straight to your customer’s heart to make sure that, among all your competitors, they choose you.

We have structured a method to digitally reproduce what happens during a live empathetic conversation .. It is precisely the digital tools that allow us to understand who is on the other side and to read the information that people leave behind on their journey.

We choose the most appropriate tone of voice, words and tools based on the customer's responses and behaviors: our work never stops and is refined over time. With a constant flow of personalized actions and reactions, we create an increasingly engaging conversation.


To reach people living in every part of the world!

To make your messages reach the farthest corners of the world,we can develop any kind of content not only in Italian and English but also in French, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian and Chinese*.

All this is possible thanks to a network of native professionals who have been working with 7HYPE for years and who do not just translate but adapt the text we provide to their language in the best way possible.

(*ti serve un'altra lingua? Chiedicelo senza problemi!)


We create the right content for every tool the web has to offer

Iniziamo ogni progetto con un'a strategic analysis, use all the right tools for the specific case and tailor them by creating the right content for you.

E attraverso l'analisi del the digital language,we manage to respond with increasing precision to each client’s needs.


Email Marketing

Instant Messaging

Digital Assistant

Websites and Landing Pages



AI Content


Choose from a variety of Conversational Marketing services, according to your needs!

Content for Marketing Automation

Realizziamo i contenuti che vengono implementati nei progetti di Marketing Automation per quei clienti che hanno l'esigenza di comunicare con i propri utenti fornendo

  • the proper strategy
  • the right and customized content
  • the appropriate content for each digital tool chosen
  • the content in the required language

Contenuti per programmi di Engagement & Loyalty

Realizziamo i contenuti conversazionali per i programmi di Engagement & Loyalty che hanno come scopo quello di

  • reward
  • retain
  • engage
  • create a relationship

eCommerce specific content

We create conversational content for those specific e-commerce projects with fast sales cycles and a few phases in order to

  • aumentare il valore medio dell'ordine
  • reduce the cart abandonment rate
  • generate new contacts

and much more!

Editorial Projects

We create editorial projects for large companies that want to communicate on a specific topic, preparing the ground for the creation of new business opportunities

  • blog set-up and creation
  • strategy and production of valuable content
  • content distribution
  • customization of content based on the target and personal interests

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